Our History

Kensington Road Church

Kensington Road Church began in 1911 as the “Scandinavian Mission Church” in downtown Calgary. The church was originally started by new immigrants to Canada from the Swedish Mission Friends church in Sweden. Kensington Road Church belongs to the Evangelical Covenant denomination – our denominational ties provide support and accountability. We are not an independent church, but are part of a larger family with an even richer history than our own.

The church moved from its original location downtown (5th and 5th) in 1952 and started the first of two significant phases of our current building. Phase one included the sanctuary and basement, and phase two (1962) includes a gymnasium, offices and a larger basement space. The church now calls itself Kensington Road Church because we are a part of this neighborhood and believe that “church” is not just Sunday mornings but is lived out throughout the week. Jesus calls us to follow him and be shaped by his life, death, and resurrection, and our community hopes to be faithful to Jesus in our neighborhood.

Over the last 100+ years the church boomed and swooned along with the times and context - wars, the great depression, economic booms in Alberta, significant changes in neighborhood dynamics and demographics, as well as peopleʼs attitudes towards God, Jesus, and the church in general have shaped attendance and involvement in our church.

We have been served by many faithful men and women as our pastors in our history – people called to bring the peaceful, hopeful message of Jesus to those that would hear it. Our pastors along with everyone who has attended and served God in our church have shaped who we are today. We are grateful that God has given us the chance to be his church in this location, and we hope to honor him by continually seeking the best ways to engage others with his message of faithfulness, hope, and love.

The Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada

Kensington Road Church is part of a larger church family called the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada. The Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada was founded in 1904 in Winnipeg, Manitoba by Swedish immigrants who had a passion for God’s Word, for those who did not yet know God personally through Jesus Christ, for gathering to worship and for being together with one another.

To learn more about the ECCC, visit:  www.canadacovenantchurch.org

The Evangelical Covenant Church

The Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada is a denomination in Canada but is also a regional conference of the larger Evangelical Covenant Church. The Evangelical Covenant Church is a community of local churches in covenant with God and one another, committed to ministry together.

To learn more about the ECC, visit: www.covchurch.org